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Guess whut people?

2011-07-29 21:03:21 by nico2167

I have reccently downloaded Macromedia flashpro 8, so i will be uploadin' some sweeeeeet animations sonn!


2009-08-02 13:40:33 by nico2167



2009-08-01 02:26:18 by nico2167

madness is awesome!
making madness video,coming in 5 months.
the name is madness:reaper and god.

news posts

2009-06-30 20:36:48 by nico2167

dont you think that make news posts is boring????
this will be my last news post.
a and one thing:the art portal SUCKS!!!!!!

news posts


2009-06-18 08:11:26 by nico2167

hello friends!!!
this post is for matt-likes-swords.
i like his good drawing and : great deviantart account!!!!! w00t!
but he dont put voices of characters not w00t
waiting for epic 2,i see his certificate of newgrounds.
┬┐how do you get it ?
all your games are w00t!!
can i call you kupo??
byebye kupo!


gadgets games

2009-06-15 09:26:22 by nico2167

im starting to love the gadgets games.
i like interactive buddi its great.

ps:help in domo-kun for : gojira,crabs and fat man,ifd you know,please talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gadgets games

br royale

2009-06-13 20:53:42 by nico2167

i cant beat zombie goku in brawl royale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it is fucking hard!!!!!
ps: i need help in domo-kun angry smashfest because i cant find:crabs,fat bastard and gojira.
if you can help,please comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

br royale

the best user

2009-06-12 15:29:21 by nico2167

hello everyone!!!!
do you know that my favorite user is matt-likes-swords??????
he is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love his games,they are great.

here is an image that him make,i love this picture.

the best user


2009-06-02 20:17:12 by nico2167



2009-05-25 09:53:27 by nico2167

i only win bronce and silver medals.

but bronce+silver=gold!!!!!!!!!